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Oasis Nail Spa-proud to be one of the best nail salons, located conveniently in Raleigh, NC 27617. All pedicures procedure are done with Patterned top of the line in the Spa industry with disposable liner and Air Jet after each used. Our nail salon is the premiere destination for all your pampering needs!

Our nail salon takes pride in providing our valued customers with all good service and customer service satisfaction. Our goal is to pamper all the ladies with unique manicures and pedicures that will leave your nails looking elegant and makes you feel rejuvenated. Since our opening, we've become a perfect destination for those seeking peace and charm.

Sanitation is always on the top of our priorities. We strictly implement sanitation guidelines for beauty spas to ensure clients’ safety. Our implements are medically sterilized and disinfected after each use. Buffers and files are used only once and then discarded. All pedicure procedures are done with liner protection.

Come and enjoy the best time at Oasis Nail Spa.


"Professional Nail Care for Ladies and Gentleman"